dead animal smell in dryer

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Stinky Dryer

C.J. asks from Detroit

My dryer has a terrible smell. It smells even when it is empty. I use Downy in my final rinse of washing, and the clothes come out of the washer smelling great. Th...


My Towels and Wash Cloths Smell like Dead Fish!

D.K. asks from Chicago

In the past few months we have noticed a foul fishy odor on our towels and wash cloths. They smell fresh out of the dryer then we use them. Once they hang to dry for...


Awful Smell

B.B. asks from Johnstown

My husband & I purchased a 1995 trailer in March of this year. We didn't start living there until August. During those months when we didn't live there we would do ou...


Smell in Laundry Room

S.K. asks from Denver

HELP! I have this smell that is like a musty smell. It started a little while ago and we thought something had died, we looked in the vents and didnt find anything....


Musty Smell in Laundry Room

J.W. asks from Dallas

For several weeks I've been smelling a strange odor in my laundry room. It seems to be coming from the washer. The best I can describe it is "musty." I thought of mil...


Why Is My Washing Machine Making the Towels Smell Bad?

R.W. asks from Phoenix

I've noticed that all of our towels have a bad odor to them. It is especially noticeable when the towels are wet. Like when we are drying our hands, or after bathin...


How Do I Get Rid of Rancid Odor in My Front Hall Coat Closet?

N.L. asks from San Francisco

I have a small closet in the front hall that stinks! I don't know what the smell is. It has been there almost a year and I can't seem to get rid of it. I have had p...


Funky Smelling Clothes.....

C.R. asks from Columbus

Hi everybody!!! My question today is about clothes and how to get a smell out. I recently got some clothes for my younger daughter on freecycle. First thing I did ...


Stinky Closet - What Can Get the Odor Out??

M.S. asks from Chicago

We have a stinky masterbedroom closet. I'm not sure what is causing the smell but it's not rodents. There is carpet in there...How can I get the smell out? Any sugges...


Smelly Towels

S.C. asks from Lafayette

Does anyone know how to get the sour smell out of towels? About a month ago, my dear husband put a load of colored towels washing. He did not tell me nor did he rem...

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  • dont use fabric softener in 2 answers "Try 1 Cup of Vinegar to the rinse cycle. Don't use fabric softener, as the vinegar ..."
  • white distilled vinegar in 2 answers "Are you using white distilled vinegar?"
  • front loading washer in 4 answers "If it'a a front loading washer, you should make sure to wipe down the inside rubber ..."
  • will help get rid of the smell in 2 answers "... on a hot warm day or a cold day all day the sun will help get rid of the smell ..."
  • tea tree oil in 3 answers "Try buying some tea tree oil from Walgreens (near the vitamins) or check the organic ..."