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She has told me that her dd used to have some issues like this, ... I tell all teens when they come to me that this is a safe place where they can let ...

Seeking Moms with Teenage Boys

D.D. answers from New York on April 14, 2008. I am a mother of three, two who are now ... Fridays are primarily when teens get into alot of dangerous and ...

Surprise Party for 18 Year Old Son

Not sure how many kids to expect as I am discovering teens aren't too good at the rsvp ... 9 answers. D.D. asks from Westford, MA on November 25, 2008 ...

Children on Prozac or Zoloft?

I really have to advise to stay away from Paxil for children and teens. .... I requested that, but my DD was given the prozac, doctor said its the same ...

Life After Hysterectomy

Sep 8, 2009 ... C boobs growing and growing to perky DD's and that effect has been ... My weekends consists of 10+ teens on weekend nights and I happen ...

Need to Keep My 16 Yr Old Daughter Busy

Jun 17, 2009 ... I don't hang out at the mall much, but I do know the teens do! I don't have teens yet and ... D.D. answers from Phoenix on June 17, 2009 ...

Parenting Teen/ Divorce Issues

I am new to the new parenting aspect of teens and I grew up in a .... for kids If your dd wants a webpage then Id create a Facebook account You control who ...

13 Year Old and Boyfriend??

Oct 29, 2009 ... Read all 22 responses: "Hello- Would you let your 13 year old DD have a ... Ex: riding in a car with other teens (a HUGE fear of mine), ...

Advise on How to Handle Friend Choice

It has been my experience that teens who are exploring are unsure and so wouldn' t be so blatant about it ..... D.D. answers from Seattle on January 30, 2009 ...

Good Christian Reading for 8 Year Old

It is MUCH more interesting to the pre-teens/teens if they think mom and dad don 't .... I have a 7 yr. old DD who turns 8 in October and we love the Mandie ...
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