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Needing in Home Daycare for My 7Month Old ****

Hi J., I am a daycare provider in Tempe. I do offer back up care in my home. If this is something I can help with please call me at ###-###-#### or email me ...

Daycare Provider Needs Medical Note (What Should I Write)

Read all 12 responses: "My kids are about to start a new in-home daycare. The lady who is watching then needs me to write a note about medical treatment, ...


Does anyone have any suggestions of home daycare providers or good day care centers in either ... I am a daycare provider in Tempe (close to Baseline101). ...

Is Childcare Tax-Deductible?

You just need to have a statement at the end of the year and you will need your daycare providers tax id # if it is a home daycare I think sometimes the SS# ...

Full Time Infant Day Care Recommendations?

We chose an In-Home Day Care provider who's been caring for children for over 20 years. She's licensed, her record with the county checked out and she was ...

Holiday Gift for Daycare Provider

Read all 6 responses: "My daughter has only been in daycare for 2 months, so I don't know her provider well enough to buy a thoughtful gift.

Need to Know Approx Cost of Childcare in Area

I'm a licensed daycare provider located in Prairie Village. When I first started out doing this, I based my rates on other providers I'd heard of. ...


Aug 7, 2009 ... There are good daycare providers out there. You need to do your homework, check references, do a background check and by all means, ...

Seeking Daycare Recs for the Richardson Area

Read all 4 responses: "I am seeking any recommendations on daycare in the Richardson ... I am a childcare provider in Richardson. I'm full at the moment, ...

Child Suddenly Does Not like Day Care

Definitely talk with the provider. I have an in home daycare and I must say .... I would talk to the daycare provider and let her know what a big problem ...
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