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Looking for a Good Preschool (NOT DAYCARE) in Bucks Co-Yardley-Newtown-Langhorne

Read all 4 responses: "I need a preschool in the Yardley area. I don't want an 8 hour a day daycare...I just want a 3 day a week/couple hours a day kinda ...

Daycare or Preschool in North Suburbs

Read all 5 responses: "Hi everyone - I have a two year old daughter who I have been blessed to be home with since she was born. Unfortunately, I now have to ...

School/ Daycare for 2 Year Old in Winchester Area

Read all 3 responses: "Info on school/daycare for a 2 year old whose family ... I attend church there and know that it is a good pre-school, don't know for ...

Christmas Gifts/bonus for Daycare Center Teachers

I'm a former lead teacher at a Preschool/Daycare center. I never received cash as a gift. Most parents gave gift cards for coffee or restaurants ($10 - to ...

Preschool for the "Summer".

But I have learned that people consider daycare preschool for kids who are about 4 because they do a lot of class type things with them. ...

Daycare Help!

I have a wonderful in home daycare/preschool program in my Madison Heights home. I am licensed and CPR/First Aid Certified, serve healthy meals and snacks, ...

Looking for Daycare in Spring

I'd rather not take him to a full daycare because I've had bad .... In Home Daycare Versus Regular Daycare ... Childcare Center · daycare preschool ...

Searching for a Pre-school

It is a daycare/preschool. We adored them. When he was ready we sent him to St. Charles school. I know that when we were there (4 years ago) that they also ...

CPS Preschool W/ Extended Care

I don't know of a CPS for you, but my younger son went to Concordia, which is a daycare that has preschool for kids up to Kindergarten age. ...

Seeking Advice on Daycare Tantrums

Take the kid out of daycare, he isn't ready. I have 4 kids ranging from 24 ... I work in a Preschool, and I have witnessed the same situation as your child. ...
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  • gift card in 3 answers "I am a teacher and a gift card for $10 is awesome!"
  • monroe county in 2 answers "If not, you can apply to the Head Start program or Monroe County Ministries."
  • separation anxiety in 2 answers "I do know that kids from toddler to pre-school age often have separation anxiety - they ..."
  • gift cards in 2 answers "Most parents gave gift cards for coffee or restaurants ($10 - to lunch places), hand ..."
  • all day preschool in 2 answers "... son's preschool, it's something like $3000 a year to send to all day preschool."