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Advice on Skin Cancer

I'm not sure what it is...and I have NO idea what skin cancer might look like, .... If you don't drain all of the dark blood til it runs light red or clear, ...

Make Up

I have SUPER sensative skin... the less I do, the better. I have..." ... I have really bad dark circles under my eyes and bare essentials does not cover. ...

Need Help with My Elbows.

I'm white, but my knees and elbows have darker skin on them too. Just part of being human I think. I lotion them up after a shower if I remember, ...

White Patches on My Son's Face

Just white patches against his dark skin. It seems to have returned after 3 years in a quarter size spot on his jawline but I would like to take care of it ...

Child's Skin Irritation

1) the underwear that I got him had characters on the butt that would glow in the dark. What ever they use to make the underwear glow was causing his skin ...

Spray on Tans

Apr 21, 2009 ... Exfoliate before hand, otherwise the tan lines will show up and be darker in dry skin areas, elbows knees, feet, etc. Good luck! Helpful? ...

Ideas for Helping Adopted African American Baby Find Role Models

Although I am Caucasian, I have darker, olive-toned skin, so my daughter looks ... (One time she told me she has dark skin. We put our arms together and I ...

Beauty Tip

(then, after applying, just lightly brush your face with a compressed powder in your correct skin tone). no more dark circles! Helpful? ...

Advice on 1Yr with Possible Indoor or Seasonal Allergies???

I have heard many stories of eczema or other skin changes, as well as dark circles/lines under the eye with wheat and gluten sensitivity. ...

How Old Should a Girl Be When They Start Shaving Their Legs??????

I think I was about 12, ( dark brown black hair and pale skin so it is kind way noticable) with summer coming and swim suit thing maybe if she is ...
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