Dark Karo Syrup

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Constipated Toddler

I've found that a little Dark Karo syrup in the milk helps. My daughter usually has a dirty diaper with in the day if not with in and hour of drinking her ...

No Bm in Five Days

You can also add a little dark karo syrup to a bottle. That helps as well. Or your pediatrician can call in come lactulose, which is a nondigested sugar ...


My pediatrician recommended 1 teaspoon of Dark karo syrup be mixed with 8 oz. of formula. You do this when the baby has not gone poo in 2 1/2 or three days. ...

BM Issues with Newborn

We tried the dark Karo syrup and had no luck. Then we gave her baby suppositories (we had much help from those- don't use them too often because they can ...

Kyro Syrup

We used the dark karo syrup - 1 tablspoon in an 8oz. bottle. The doctor also told us to give the baby lots of warm baths....Hope this helps. Happy New Year. ...

Question About My Pediatrician

i have never heard of this and i would have been very uncomfortable with this also have you tried giving your baby dark karo syrup ...

My Toddler Super Strains with Every #2

karo syrup in 3 answersWhen he was around 56 months I gave him about a tablespoon of dark Karo syrup in; cut back on the juice in 2 answersCut back on the ...

"Seeking Advice for Baby's Constipation"

I recommend you call your pediatrician's office and ask him/her or one of the nurses if they know of the dark Karo syrup method for baby constipation. ...

Constipated 7 Month Old

My doctor told me to add 1 tsp of dark karo syrup to 1 bottle a day. If this wasn't enough then I was to add it to additional bottles. ...

Constipation with My 18 Month Old

You never did mention if you tried dark Karo syrup. A couple of drops in your child's milk should help looosen the stool. Also, if your child is on whole ...
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