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Aug 30, 2009 ... I just started my first cycle of Clomid today and was wondering...How many of you were able to get pregnant on Clomid? ...

Positive Pregnancy Tests

I am pregnant with our third child, I went through the cycle all over again my first time I took 6 Positive Pregnancy tests then I went to get the blood ...

Breastfeeding and TTC

I have not resumed my cycle since pregnancy, but do not feel it is right to rush my son to ween before he is ready. Has anyone successfully conceived while ...

Irregular Cycle- What's Going On?

Now let me start that I already have two little angels, so pregnancy is not new to me. Anyways, on Aug 18th I recieved my period. It was a normal cycle. ...

Irregular Cycle

Apparently I was just stressed to the max in addition to my cycle being messed up. One negative pregnancy test and my cycle starting today ends speculation. ...

Changes in My Menstruation Cycle???

... but the last 2 months I went from a 29 day cycle to a 26 day cycle, now I'm a week late again and I took a pregnancy test on monday and it was negative. ...

Getting Pregnant After D&C

Sep 30, 2009 ... Getting Pregnant After D&C - Keller,TX. I had a D&C July 1st. My Dr told me to wait one cycle and then try again. We now have had 2 months ...

Anyone Else Have a Change in the Length of Menstrual Cycle After First Baby?

Has anyone else had their cycle length change after pregnancy like this? My husband and I are starting to think about another baby, and I want to start ...

Getting Pregnant While on B.C.????

A friend of mine got pregnant while using the "patch". So it is possible. However, we both had positive tests right away. I stopped having a cycle in my ...

Negative Pregnancy Test and Almost 2 Weeks Late

My husband and I were certain that we were pregnant as my period was late. My cycle is religious every 28 days like clock work. I have taken 2..."
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