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21 Month Old with Horrible a Sleeping Schedule

But could she be cutting some molars? It sounds similar to what happens when my daughter gets a molar (we just got one in a couple weeks ago and the other ...

10-Month-old Son Suddenly Won't Eat Food

It will pass. my daugjter went through it for a week when she was cutting a molar AND had a canker sore on her tongue at the same time. ...

Teething Out of Order

My last two cut the first 8. then got the molars and when they turned 2 got the "eye" teeth. I have a brother that my mother told me got his "eye" teeth ...

Cutting Teeth Out of Order??

Cutting Teeth Out of Order?? My soon to be 10month old son has had his 2 bottom ... Now at 17 months she has four top, four bottom, four molars and the eye ...

Seeking Suggestions on Teething Eleven Month Old

Teething tablets and Motrin did the trick for us My poor baby15 mo is cutting her molars They are right there below the surface and I can just about see ...

14-Month-old Rejects the Toothbrush

I have a 14-month-old with a mouth full of teeth, including 3 molars! .... this recently when he was cutting a tooth.Is he getting that last molar in maybe? ...

Could My 3-Month Old Be Teething?

Just before she turned 5 months, she cut her first 2 teeth, and 2 more within 2 weeks after, and so on. She had a full mouth, including molars by 11 months. ...

My 1-Yr Old Only Has 2 Teeth So Far

She's almost 3 and she just cut her 2 year molars a few months ago. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

16 Month Old W/ a cold...what Can I Do?

He did just cut the second half of a molar and an eye tooth yesterday...poor baby! I am not big on giving him medicine but have been giving him Tylenol and ...

Teething Toddler

My sweet baby girl is just now cutting her canine teeth (all 4, the top & bottom ) at 19 months. She has all her other teeth even her second molars. ...
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