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Looking for Hair Stylist

I have had Laura now for three cuts and they have been the best I have ever had. I have curly hair and was a styliest for years. I have a boss once that had ...

What Can I Use for Nappy Hair? Plz Help, It Drives Me Nuts!

My little man has super curly hair as well. I tried some adult products too, but I just didn't feel comfortable. I take him to cool cuts for kids for his ...

Seeking Hair Stylist in Spring

Within that office, I get my short, very curly and tricky hair cut by a lady named Sharon LaGreca. There are several other great stylists there: Chris Gangi ...

Help Me Do My Little Diva's Hair

Read all 13 responses: "I have a 15 month old with gorgeous curly hair. ... racial hair,it cuts much shorter then caucasian hair and you need sharp scissors ...

I Need Help with My Daughter's Hair - Its Always Tangled and Matted!

Short curly hair tends to look like a Q-tip that's been rubbed the wrong way. Big. Poofy. Tangeldy. With the RIGHT cut, and a lot of product, short curly ...

Seeking Good Hairdresser in East Cobb

(I have naturally curly hair that can be very high maintenance in all of this ... Megan does my color/highlights and Lauren cuts my hair (sometimes a guy ...

Looking for Tips/tricks/ideas for Getting Ready Faster

Here's what I do with my curly hair: get it cut in LONG layers or go all one length, shampoo only once a week using a natural shampoo and conditioner (I use ...

Help with Getting Vaseline Out of Hair

When I was 15 I had long curly hair down to my waist. ... But, be careful if she has any scratches or cuts because it will sting. Helpful? ...

My 2 Year Old Has Frizzy Hair

It cuts down on friz and keep the hair in place and looking fresh all day. Helpful? ... My daughter has beautifully curly curly hair, but the same as yours , ...
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  • ping segars salon in 3 answers "I love my stylist, she is in Canton though. Ping Segars Salon off of hwy 20, i think."
  • wide tooth comb in 3 answers "Finally, don't use a brush - it just makes matters worse. Use a wide-tooth comb while ..."
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