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Advice on How to Deal with an 18 Yr Old Living at Home

May 24, 2009 ... We feel setting a midnight curfew is reasonable, she's 18, there's nothing really .... It included curfews, cleaning his room, etc etc. ...

15 Yr. Old Versus 17 Yr. Old! HELP!!!

But maybe you can compromise... what is the 15 and 17 year olds curfews? ..... And on your side is michigan law that gives different curfews for the two age ...

Appropriate Punishment for Teen Son

Oct 11, 2009 ... Family counseling led to a list house rules---jobs, curfews, allowances, whatever your list needs. Then you all sit down as a family and ...

Tooth Fairy

There will always be parents who make different decisions than you (everything from bedtimes to allowances to curfews when they are older), and you have to ...

Starting Kindergarten

Don't worry about whether or not she is the "oldest" or "youngest" because by Jr . High age it makes no difference except maybe with how you set curfews etc. ...

How Much Freedom to Give to 13 Year Old Boy?

As far as freedom, curfews,bed times, get names,phone numbers and addre. for every one of his friends. meet all the parents, let your mommy gut tell you yes ...

I Need Advice on How to Handle Defiance from My 9 Year Old

I know we still have many challenging years ahead of us as driving, curfews and girlfriends enter the picture, but knowing that we are doing things for his ...

Allowance for a 6-Year Old

Jun 6, 2009 ... Step 4Explain to your child that allowance can be withheld for not doing chores or for particular behaviors such as lying or missing curfews ...

Moms' with Teenagers

... cuz that's what it's all about, wanting what's best for them even when it means curfews, boundaries, grounding, etc..they will thank you later. ...

Marriages to Foreign Men

Dad ran a strict ship with us: curfews, dating boys, even the move from HS to college. He expected us to follow his edicts blindly, which caused some big ...
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