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My 7-Year Old Son Too Shy to Ask Questions and Join Group Activities in School

Oct 28, 2009 ... Just google cub scouts of america and you will get several links. .... Yes, enroll your son in Boy Scouts that will help him. ...

Looking for Food Allergy Studies and Advice

At cub scout camp, one camper was SEVERELY allergic (similar to your daughter). With care, fun was had by all. There was only one minor incident which was ...

Lonely 10 Year Old

Sep 25, 2009 ... I am not sure at his age if it is Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts or if he is still too young but that is a nice organization for him to get ...

Child Being Excluded from Activity

I was a den leader for my son's Cub Scout pack and there is no reason at all that your daughter should be excluded The whole point of scouting is to teach ...

Girl Scouts - Daisy's

Read all 6 responses: "Has anyone had experience with the Girl Scouts, specifically the 5 yr old ... Next question: Helpful Information Regarding Boy Scouts ...

Looking for a Summer Activity for My 2 Boys

Or maybe joing cub scouts- i know when i was in girl scouts (which was a verrry long time ago that we always had summer camp to go to. ...

Activities for Children with ADHD

Right now he is in Boy Scout, but I would like to be involed in sports. .... My son is in Boy Scouts and Tae Kwon Do. The karate has elevated his self ...

New Things to Do.

They have other things available, but these two along with Cub Scouts and Wrestling for my oldest is about all I want to heap on my plate. ...

Low Self My!

I would recommend you get him involved in cub scouts and later boy scouts. There , he'll be able to accomplish things at his own pace and these will all be ...

Seeking Sheduling Help

My 11 year old goes to piano lessons once a week and Boy Scouts once a week. My 7 and 9 year old take gymnastics together once a week (which is right by and ...
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  • girl scout leaders in 2 answers "the brownie/girl scout leaders are under the direction of someone up higher than they ..."
  • referral to another troop in 2 answers "... directly above her for intervention OR maybe for referral to another troop ..."
  • self esteem issues in 2 answers "I have seen so many boys come to the school with self esteem issues and really develop ..."
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