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Seeking Opinions on Nighttime Medications like Nyquil

My dr is the one who suggested benadryl when we have flown OVERSEAS as her sleep .... Both of my childre suffer the croup 1 to 2 times every winter. ...

Can You Tell a Doctor No?

He did give me the syringe, in case it did end up appearing like croup but it's just ... My DD has extreme chemical sensitivites and can't take Benadryl ...

Terrible Cough

Sep 21, 2009 ... old had a very bad cough about two weeks ago that turned into croup. ... I give m kids benadryl at night when they have a bad cough to ...

Need Some Home Remedy for Itchy, Watery and Red Eyes

I always keep this on hand for other ailments (pneumonia in a nebulizer, croup, etc.) .... I would take a Benadryl to help your itchy eyes. ...

"Seeking Cold Remedies for Babies Under Two Years Old"

... times a year and always end up with the croup and have to be on the neb treatments. ..... Benadryl will also help to dry up the mucous (check with your ...

Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillan?

I took her to the Dr. in the am; he told me to give Benadryl. By that afternoon, it was ..... He is also very susspectable to catching the "croup" cough. ...

11 Mo Old Son Has Bumpy Rash

He just had his 2nd cold (croup) and no rash this time. Helpful? .... It's very itchy and I had to give him benadryl to help with the itching, use different ...

What Do I Do for My 3 Year Old's Stuffy Nose???

... I administer Tylenol/ Motrin for any aches or fever, with croup I took them .... I have a four year old and have been giving her children's benadryl ...

My 17 Month Old Can't Get Rid of Her Cold

U can use Benadryl and saline nasal solution with the bulb syringe to suction ... that came to me... make sure it's not croup and/or even just allergies. ...

3 Year Old with Chronic Asthma

... her Benadryl. If we give my son Benadryl he'll need a breathing treatment within a few hours. ..... Son with Asthma Has Persistent Croup Sounding Cough? ...
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