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What Do You Do During the Kids Nap Time??

So I usually end up wasting naptime by surfing the net... doing crossword puzzles and my favorite talking on the phone.. Sometimes I do feel guilty that I ...

Suggestions for Mom's Night Out

Crossword puzzles, pictionary, etc. No children topics. Points deducted if they mention children or partners. (THIS IS A MOMS NIGHT OUT, you know) Guests ...

Preganancy Complications

I crocheted, knitted and did crossword puzzles. I prayed for my babies. We were very nervous, and mostly I was very tired so I slept away alot of time. ...

Pumping and Inreasing Supply

If you have the hand's free thing, you can sit and read or do crossword puzzles and it'll become automatic. The other thing I would suggest is to guzzle ...

7 Months Pregnant. How Can I Sleep!?!

You can also try doing a very calmnm activity before bed such as a short bath, reading a book, crossword puzzles, or word search. Good luck. ...

Need Help with Asthma

This is why "quiet games" are good for controlling asthma - everything from "I Spy" (when a little one is confined to bed) to jigsaw and crossword puzzles, ...

Keeping a 7Yr Old Busy on a 10 Hour Trip

A book of words games- word searches, brain teasers, kids' crossword puzzles etc . Adventure novels for kids- I think they are called "Choose your own ...

Birthing Advice

Bring something to occupy your mind like a book/magazine, crossword puzzles, deck of cards, handheld video game...whatever. There is more waiting time than ...

What to Send in a Care Package?

books- crossword, puzzles, favorite author some guys have their wives or mom's ship them a video game console, maybe they need a new game. ...

Beginning to Homeschool

While worksheets may have worked for me (I still love filling in blanks, crossword puzzles, surveys, etc.), it's just not working for him. ...
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