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Help! I Don't Have Time to Cook!

Get yourself a Crockpot and a good crock pot recipe book and go to town! ... There are a ton of croc pot recipes out there.... one for BBQ ...

Great Food/recipes for 2Nd Birthday Party?

Sep 13, 2009 ... Put the meat back in the crock pot to warm. We served on buns with BBQ sauce on the side for people to add. It turned out so good and we got so many ...

Looking for Good Slow Cooker Recipes for Family Night on Sundays

put raw chicken breast (can be frozen) in the crock pot and poor a bottle of BBQ sauce in with it. Cook on low all day (6-8 hrs 4 on high) and have nice ...

3 Days Left and I Have No Idea What I'm Doing!!!

Since it's cold outside, I'm guessing it's not a bbq (any half decent .... For dinner if you are serving a meal, I love to do crock pot. borrow a few crock ...

Finger Food Ideas for Large (100) People Party HELP!!!

You could do little smokie sausages in a crockpot with bbq sauce on them. They sell generic brands that could save a little money. Very easy! Helpful? ...


1/2 pork loin (can be still frozen if in crock pot!!) 1 can pineapple chunks or tidbits (not crushed) 1/2 jar of cheapest BBQ sauce you can find ...

Burned BBQ Drumsticks

The best way I have found to BBQ chicken drumsticks is to first boil the chicken .... Oven preparation will not have the dark color, nor will the crockpot, ...

Looking for Meal Ideas (To Prepare for a Family with New Baby)

what I do for others is make bbq chicken or bbq ribs in a crockpot. Put it in the crock pot and add the bbq sauce and cook on high for 5 hours. ...

What Do I Do with All This Leftover Fried Chicken?

I throw it in the crock pot and either add bottle BBQ sauce or I usually make my own, which is really easy. I cook on low and just let the meat get tender. ...

Anyone Have Some Good Pot Luck Recipes That Travel Well?

Jun 23, 2009 ... I added a few extra spices to mine but I seen a suggestion on this recipe for putting them into a crockpot after baking them and adding BBQ ...
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