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Crib Bumpers/outlet Access

Read all 6 responses: "I need advice Mommy's! When Gabby started to become mobile we removed the pretty crib bumpers and bought the breathable mesh crib ...

Crib Bumper Pad

Read all 11 responses: "I read someone else's post saying that they were told not to use the crib bumper pad. Does the bumper pad cause a saftey risk for ...

Breathable Bumper Worth It?

Sep 16, 2009 ... I have a very beautiful crib bumper set for my almost 6 month old ... I think the regular themed bumper crib sets are kind of an old idea ...

Bumpers in the Crib

Read all 6 responses: "I am a first time mom with a 6 month old. I have had her bumper pads in her crib since she was born. I recently just removed them, ...

Question Regarding Bumper Pads

Just wondering what the consensus is on the use of bumper pads in a babies crib I am due in 7 weeks and trying to put together the nursery I have read ...

My Baby Is Eating Her Crib!

Someone mentioned the "breathable crib bumpers" but Breathable Baby also makes a "breathable crib shield" that covers over the tops of the rails down to the ...

At What Age Can I Give My Child Bedding in Her Crib?

I to was worried about sids and would always dress her appropriately when in her crib. I had the bumpers for awhile but got scared after hearing stories. ...

Baby Keeps Getting Stuck in Corner of Crib

The sides are not hard like a crib so you would not need bumpers, ... Do you use the crib bumper pad? My girls only had that issue when I took the crib ...

Anyone Used Breathable Bumper Pads?

We use the breathable bumper padsalthough at this point my 13 month old probably doesnt really need them anymore We bought our crib from Ikea and the head ...

Bumper or No Bumper?

I think the bumper keeps a child comfortable in his or her crib. .... I had the same fears about bumpers when I transfered my son to his crib. ...
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