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What Is the Best Way to Repair Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

We had an awesome mortgage broker who helped us with our credit and also we started out slowly gettin a couple credit cards. IF u need more info send me a ...

I'm Getting Married to a Man with BAD Credit

Actually my good credit helped him out some and after 2 years of being married we had a house built, I didn't think we would get approved for a mortgage ...

Credit Card Debt Help/advice

We were advised that since the debt wasn't that high to try to pay it off than ruin our credit. We got in touch with a mortgage broker and just asked what ...

10 Month Old Baby with Bad Cough

bad credit need a loan · home mortgage refinance loan · credit card for bad credit · loan with bad credit · home mortgage refinance ...

Debt Consolidation

It shows up on your credit that you are in this program, but it doesn't hurt your credit. That is what our mortgage lady told us. I figure, which is worse? ...

Thinking of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- Need Advice!!

Depending on when you got the 2nd mortgage, maybe the value of your home has ... file chapter 11-full bankruptcy-they both ruin your credit just the same ...

I"m DEBT Free..Not! I Need Your Advice Again!

All the advice given here is good - consolidate credit cards, transfer credit cards to lower interest rates with payback awards, shop for lower mortgage. ...

Financial Advice

Many credit card companies would rather have you pay them something than get nothing. If you have a mortgage, I would contact them also to adjust your ...

A Good Realtor

I know a great mortgage lender. His name is Bob Boldt, a very reserved and non- pressure type. I checked in with him to see if credit problems were okay and ...

Mom Seeking Other Moms Opinion

Also, his credit is so bad that he could not get a cell phone in his own name, ... he does pay the mortgage but when I do the math he is getting of easy ...
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