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Cramping During Pregnancy

There is a good posibility that I could be pregant but I have cramping like I am going to start my period. Has anyone else cramped likes this during very ...

I Got My Period After 2 Positive Pregnancy Tests

Nov 2, 2009 ... I have heard/read that cramping can be ok and bleeding can be ok, ... I had a positive preg. test days before my period and then had my ...

Becoming Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Sometimes the cramping can go on for over a month or two before you see the period show up. Generally, the first period cycle postpartum is a non-fertile ...

Bad Cramping from That Normal?

At first my periods were regular and on time and now I spot just a little but my cramping is 10x worse than before, and my mood swings are worse too. ...

7 Weeks Along with Number 3, Having Severe Cramps Cunfussed???

Wondering if anyone has experienced symptoms like this before. ... I have had horrible/severe cramps while I was on my period, to the point to where I ...

How is your experience with paragard vs. Mirena?

I have paragard and I don't think the periods are painful per say. They are longer periods and I do have some cramps now when I never had cramps before. ...

Having Cramping During 4-5Th week...normal or Scary??

Read all 12 responses: "I'm about 4 weeks along. I'm having period-style cramping and I'm concerned. Is this normal or reason for concern??"


Right now I'm probably 4 weeks pregnant and I have mild to moderate period like cramping and back aches. Is this normal or is something wrong? ...

Signs of Pregnancy

Oct 13, 2009 ... This month I've just had sensitive nipples and I've been cramping before my period. My cycle is still like clockwork, but I think I'm just ...

Bleeding Before My Period Is Due, Dark Brown, Maybe Pregnant?

Oct 24, 2009 ... My period still isn't due, till the 20th. I've had mild cramps, .... I usually get odd cravings right before my period comes (usually some ...
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