craft ideas for 10 year old boy

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What to Feed My 1 Year Old?

K.M. asks from Columbus

My daughter just turned 1 in April and I'm at a loss as to what to feed her. She eats 3 meals/day and one or two snacks. Here is what we feed her now: - Breakfast ...


Why My 3 1/2 Year Old Son Likes to Wear Girl Clothes

S.M. asks from San Francisco

My 3 year old son loves to dress in girl clothes ( mine included). It all started when he was around 1 1/2 because of his fascination with his girl cousin. He just ad...


Trying to Plan My 3 Year Old's Birthday Party

K.L. asks from Boston

Hello ladies, I am trying to plan a 3rd birthday party for my son. Last year we had it @ the children's museum in Easton, and now I am at a loss for a place to have...


Should I Have My 6 Year Old Tested for ADD?

D.O. asks from Buffalo

My daughter is an only child, 6 years old in first grade. She is a very smart fun loving little girl, she has always had a problem with listening and paying attention...


Ideas for a 6 Yr Old Girl Slumber Party

V.H. asks from Phoenix

With Daddy and the boys off camping this weekend, we thought it would be a good time for the sleepover my daughter's been dying to have. It's this Friday so I'm a li...


First "Friend" Birthday Party for a 5 Year Old

S.L. asks from Boise

Up until now, we've only had family birthday parties for my boys. A friend of mine said she does the first "friend" party for her kids' 5th, and I think that's a marv...


3 Year Olds Birthday Party

E.J. asks from San Francisco

I'm planning my daughters third birthday party. Does anyone have any game ideas? I'm renting a JUMPY. But, I think I should have some other activities lined up. I...


Carry and Constantly Hug and Kiss and Reassure My 4 Year Old????

S.M. asks from Portland

My daughter has always been a mama's girl. She has always has issues with me leaving her until this past year when she askes to stay at Grandma's or uncles. She's onl...


Supporting an 11 Year Old Girl Who Is Almost Polar Opposite from Me

P.N. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is mostly interested in things I don't value and often dislike, such as buying trendy clothes, keeping up with current movie stars and models, having perf...


Any Good Game Ideas for a Long Road Trip?

T.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have a four and six year old and we're travelling to the Gold Country in California this summer-about and 8 hour drive for us-and I was trying to think of some good...

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