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3 Month Old with Cradle Cap and Dry Skin

Oct 21, 2009 ... For the cradle cap I used (after a lot of research & talking to my pedi) olive oil. When he's in the bath you just rub it on his head and ...

Toddler with Cradle Cap?

My almost 2 year old has cradle cap and dry skin. I find using oil -- olive oil is best because it is the most "natural" and then taking a baby comb to get ...

Cradle Cap Odor?

My daughter responded well to Olive Oil. It was recommended by a nurse in the ... My son had an awful case of cradle cap. We used baby oil before each bath, ...

How to Deal with Cradle Cap!!

Her pediatrician advised that the cradle cap must be removed or it would continue to spread. I had to rub the babies scalp with olive oil using a cotton ...

Cradle Cap

Read all 19 responses: "Any moms out there with babies with cradle cap?" ... put plain old olive oil on the babys head for a few minutes. ...

How Do I Get Rid of Cradle Cap???

Both of my children had REALLY bad cradle cap. The only thing I found that got rid of it was to rub olive oil into their scalp and wait for 5 minutes. ...

Cradle Cap

My son had awful cradle cap. The dermatologist suggested rubbing his head down in olive oil, massage it into his scalp and let it sit for a bit before you ...

Cradle Cap

I have a 4 month old son and he has the worst cradle cap... we took him to .... I've heard olive oil, as well. My advise is to NOT use the evoo since it's ...

21 Month Old Has "Cradle Cap" How Do I Get Rid of It?

I tried a lot of creams and shampoos to get rid on my baby's cradle cap- and the best thing was to douse her head in olive oil. Yes OLIVE OIL! ...

Cradle Cap

My almost 4 month old son has a terrible case of cradle cap. I brush it with a soft brush every morning and remove the flakes and then use olive oil to ...
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