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Sheer Coverage Vs. Bare Minerals

I need more coverage but try Cover Girl Simply Powder. It has just a touch of base in it but looks natural & it last. I use is over base the combo of the ...

Makeup That Will Keep the Oil from Shining Through

I think there are a few cosmetic lines at Walmart (Covergirl or Maybelline maybe ??) THat are starting to carry mineral makeup. I would check Walmart. ...

Teenage Daughter W/ Dry Burning Skin (Facial Area)

I would take a look at her makeup choices Is she perhaps having a reaction to the makeup itself Have her try something gentle like cover girl When she puts ...

Bed Bugs or Those Little Tiny Spiders... How to Get Rid of Them

My poor little girl has started to get tiny red spots with a white hard spot in the middle on her arms (wrists) where her pjs didn't cover. now they are on ...

Red Jello Stain on White Linen Upholstery, Yikes!

Oct 13, 2009 ... I like Marda's idea about covering the chair with a plastic cover and then resetting it again. Jello isn't organic or vegan... hope it wasn't for your girl ...

Birthing Center or Hospital?

Katherine delivered my little girl. They gave you many options but ... Some moms I've talked to have been able to get their insurance to cover it on a ...

Twins Schedule

I have 15 month old twin girls, who have been on a solid schedule for sometime now. .... again cover him up, pop in a paci and rub his head and cheek, ...

Suggestions on Foundation That Will Not Rub Off

I usually use cover girl. I am also in my mid 40's and I think menopause is starting as I am having the hot flashes. So I sweat so bad sometimes. ...

Good Makeup Products Wanted!

If you want to try a brand that you can get at the store try the cover girl kind . that one is good. My sister uses it. Good luck on your search. ...

Advice on Pre-teen Daughter's Desire for Black Nail Polish

They do it to cover the fact that they shoot up under their nails, and the black ..... She never treated her any different and now she is a normal girl. ...
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