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Advice About Private Tutoring

ya, i hate to say it but that's about right for an experianced tutor. sylvan and other tutoring centers charge 35-40$ for one hour sessions. i do at home ...

Advice on Education

What I'm now doing is sending her to Sylvan learning center. so far there seems ..... Has the school given you any suggestions on low-cost/free counseling? ...

How was your experience with Kumon Program?

The cost is $100 per month for up to 8 sessions, so at $12.50 a session it is really reasonable. During the other days of the week they ... I'm not saying to replace tutoring. It might be a good idea. ... Sylvan Experiences or Kumon ...

Is It ADD?

Tutoring places, such as Sylvan or Kumon are NOT worth the money. ..... you are entitled to have the school district do an assessment for you at no cost. ...

Seeking Work from Home Employment

... with teaching degrees, one with a PhD in genetics) who tutor for Sylvan. ... The second company I can refer you to that does not cost much is Life's ...

Eight Year Old Needing to Repeat 2Nd Grade

We had a teacher during the summer tutor my son and boy what a differnece that made. There is also Sylan learning center or Huntington but they cost alot of ...

Education at Home vs Public School What Do You Think ?

i dont know anything about hom schooling wihter, but itmay be a good option... also check into like Sylvan learnig center to sometype of tutor, ...

Seeking Moms with Seventh Grade Boys

... and a Sylvan Learning Center to determine his strengths and weaknesses; ..... does not cost hardly anything, and the season last about 4 weeks. ...

11 Year Old Daughter with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

I know of two now that do the specialized tutoring that I can recomend to you. ... It cost 100 dollars a year and they will read all of his school books onto .... It was a long time ago but I am almost thinking it was sylvan that was in ...

My 2Nd Grade Son Hates Math!

If it seems as though your son is lagging, then consider tutoring. ..... Take him shopping and have him figure out how much it will cost to buy 1 Star Wars ...
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