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How Much Do Kid's Cost?

any trips cost more once you have to pay for a seat for the kid; ..... I didn't read all of the responses, but I would say that living off of one salary for ...

Advice Needed About Social Security Benefits

When did SS benefit change and when were they made for a teenagers plaything or hearts desire and not going for cost of living. ...

Need Advice on My Mom's Dating/sleepovers Around My Kids

... values who will have no trouble setting a great example for your children to see that would be great....having a roommate could cut the cost of living. ...

Moving to Chicago, IL, Looking for Good Neighborhood in City

Is cost of living really 30% higher than average there? Looking to rent for now and don't want to commute into town (husband's job is dwntwn on Chicago Ave) ...

Living Far Away from Extended Family...

Living Far Away from Extended Family... My husband and I have four great ..... It wasn't that expensive once we divided the cost among all the families, ...

Living in a Foreign Country

If you're living there though I'm sure you're going to need to shop at grocery stores sometimes. ... It's even a pretty small book, and only cost $13.99! ...

Does Anyone Else Have Nj Family Care?

This ortho told me it would cost me $4000 and I would have to pay a couple ... its horrible. but as long as the cost of living is threw the roof taxes go up ...

Lactation Consultant

She gave me a phone consultation at no cost, I dont remember what the face-to- face cost was but it do ... cost of living index · Lactation Consultant ...

2 Step "Kids" Living with Me That Seem to Have NO AMBITION Whatsoever.

They can room together but living in your house and letting you do everything is completely wrong. .... cost of living · health care university ...

Is Money a Good Reason Not to Have Another???

Can you move to someplace with a lower cost of living? I don't know where you live, but if you're in So. Cal, it's very expensive here. ...
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