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Rash from Drool

My pediatrician had me use powder each time I changed the bib. I dried with the kneenex and then used the cornstarch powder by putting it on my hand and ...

Cloth Diapers & Diaper Rash

If you decide to use baby powder which can help cut down the moisture in a cloth diaper too than get the Johnson's Baby Powder With Cornstarch as regular ...

Baby Acne

... (oat meal sock can be used for 3-4 days then refresh) followed by pure corn starch baby powder,desitine hope I spell that right for sever diaper rash. ...

Body Order on Daughter - Seeking Advice and Recommendations for Treatment

She's always had a bath every day, we scrub the area very well, dry the area very well, and used cornstarch/powder exclusively for about 11 months. ...

Problem W/9 Month Old Daughter's Diaper Rash

Cornstarch powder worked wonders for me. I'm beyond the diaper stage, but hated the creams because you have to wipe so hard to get it off between diaper ...

Diaper Rash Advice

She also told me to stay away from cornstarch powder, because it made her son's problems worse. It seems the yeast actually "liked" the cornstarch (think of ...

Reocurring Diaper Rash

It has been my experience that making sure the baby doesn't sit or lay very long in a wet or messy diaper and using cornstarch powder(J&J Baby Cornstarch or ...

"Rash" Under Breasts

When I get the rash, I use corn starch instead of powder at night before bed and it seems to dry it up. I also used plain corn starch on my daughter (now 8) ...

Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash and Soft Poopies...

No matter what the cause of the diaper rash, using plain corn starch to powder the diaper area, esp. the creases helps avoid diaper rash in the future. ...

Baby Powder

I have heard the talc thing also. for this reason, I don't think they put talc in baby powder anymore, but to be safe, check the ingredients... corn starch ...
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