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3 Children with CROUP - HELP!

Breathing in the cool air seems to help as well. Croup usually lasts as long as a typical cold, about a week. Hope this helps, and best wishes! ...

Questions About the Croop Cough

A humidifier with cool mist, and cool air help with breathing. There are no medicines that help, unless you use motrin/tylenol for discomfort. ...

Just Need Some Info.

We had to switch to the cool air humidfier because the warm air one set the smoke detector off... oddly enough, the baby slept through it. Helpful? ...

6 Week Old with Congestion

I also use a cool air humidifier in her room at night so if her nose is stopped up when she sleeps, the back of her throat won't be dried out when she wakes ...

21 Month Old Son Coughing for a Month!

While steam is supposed to help, I was also advised to try cool air - open the freezer and let him take a few breaths of the cool air or bundle him up and ...

Heat Rash?

Also, before bedtime can you put fans in positions where they will pull some of the cool air to the bedrooms? I can't imagine trying to sleep being so hot. ...

Toddler with Seasonal Allergies

Also, run a cool air humidifier in his room at night. ... If you open your windows at night to let in cool air, you may have to look into other solutions ...

Child with Hypoventilation on Sleep Study- as Well as Sensory Processing Issues

Over the years I have found running a cool air vaporiser. And I removed all dust and carpet in the bedroom so try to remove as much dust as possible. ...

Seeking Suggestions for Stopping Toddler's Nighttime Nose Bleeds

I highly recommend a vaporizer (cool air) but put a bath mat under it to .... My EENTs have always stressed the cool air humidifier and lubricating the ...

Humidifier-Cool Mist or Warm?

The Dr. recommended cool air humidifier. I had the same problem with keeping it clean. I called the Dr. office to ask why cool and not warm mist? ...
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