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Childhood Memory. (Mostly JFF)

E.D. asks from Seattle

I am visiting my Dad and have been able to watch home videos from my early childhood. It's strange to see myself as a three year old, interacting with my (still fres...


My Two Year Old's Bad Language

J.S. asks from Savannah

My son has just turned two on Valentine's Day. He is an exceptional child. He has a very vast vocabulary for his age compared to other children that I know or have be...


My Almost Three Is Swearing!!!

E.B. asks from Seattle

OK so when i was working my husband had the boys at night. His favorite tv show is family guy and would let my two year old watch it. Well i wasnt aware until i sat...


Is My Child Advanced?

K.B. asks from Cleveland

I am a first time mom and not been around a lot of kids. My little guy is 2 (born in mid Nov 2005) and I've been doing a little research to figure out if he's advance...


What Would You Do If Your Child Broke Something at a Friend's House?

P.R. asks from Cleveland

My daughters' friend broke a very expensive wine decanter this weekend at our house. The break was the result of a lack of common sense and/or a quick, poor decision...


IMDB Opinions

C.W. asks from Las Vegas

So I have used IMDB (internet movie database) up til now... so you can read parental advisory content about movies and shows. I rented gnomeo and juliet and a parent ...


When to Introduce New Boyfriend?

M.A. asks from Milwaukee

I have recently separated from my husband. He is not my sons biological father, but has been around since he was born. My son calls him "Papa", and they are very clos...


JFF: Bragging Rights

E.A. asks from Erie

My 3rd son, Maxim, came home the other day with the following story: He got a 112% on his most recent science test, he's 12 and in 7th grade. ( side note: I am ...


When Our Son's in Control

A.B. asks from Denver

Hi all, our son is in fifth grade and occasionally has emotional meltdowns where he is convinced we don't love him, will send him away, etc. (We adopted him from fost...


Need Advice -- 5 Year Old and 'Friends' Behavior in Pre-school

J.R. asks from Miami

Hi All. My almost five year old is very happy this year in pre-school and runs in every day. Cries when he is sick because he misses preschool....That is a good conte...

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  • offer to pay for a replacement in 2 answers "... even while under someone else's care), I would offer to pay for a replacement."
  • child broke something in 3 answers "If my child broke something, I would replace it."
  • broken item in 4 answers "I really don't see what the value of the broken item has to do with whose responsibility ..."
  • sexual content in 3 answers "I try to limit gore and sexual content but they aren't into that anyway."
  • kid broke something in 2 answers "If my kid broke something (even while under someone else's care), I would offer to ..."