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5 Year Old Cronic Constipation

Lastly a "slow digestive system" causes constipation. My pediatrician thinks that this is the culprit in my sons' case. She said that if there was a medical ...

Constipation in My Two Year Old

She also said the following foods can cause constipation so use moderaltey: milk , cheese, white rice, bananas & applesauce. Peaches and Pears ARE great ...

4 Week Old with Constipation

A possible cause of constipation is that his body is not mature enough. ..... However, soy causes constipation. Do you know what kind of formula your ...

2 Yo and Constipation

He might be deficient in Omega 3 oils and that can definitely cause constipation (and excess ear wax and toe walking, among other things, sometimes). ...

Toddler Constipation

Another two things that can cause constipation, in addition to not drinking ..... There can be physiological as well as emotional causes for constipation. ...

Baby Constipation

Bananas are known to cause constipation. In fact, people who suffer from diarrhea ..... This causes the constipation. Remember that babies 6 - 12 months old ...

Constipation in 13-Month Old?

Hi E. - Lactose intolerance causes gas and diahrrea, not usually constipation but with that said, a high milk and cheese diet can cause constipation, ...


Banana's can cause constipation. I would stop feeding them and gradually add them back into the diet to see if that is the problem. ...

Seeking Help with Infant Constipation and Formula Suggestions

Something about the powder makes it harder to measure and mix evenly, and this can cause constipation. The ready-to-use are quite a bit more expensive than ...

Infant Constipation

Sometimes dehydration causes constipation problems. Or if she hates the water, dilute a few of her formula bottles with extra water. If your tap water has a ...
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  • dark karo syrup in 4 answers "I took a tablespoon of dark karo syrup in a bottle of warm water and that helped him."
  • diluted prune juice in 3 answers "... in them:Prune's w/ apples, or plain prunes, or a little diluted prune juice."
  • teaspoon of mineral oil in 2 answers "5 I started to give him 1 teaspoon of mineral oil everyday mixed in with his foods ..."
  • did try the prune juice in 2 answers "I did try the prune juice with water and it worked very well."
  • bananas do cause constipation in 2 answers "Bananas do cause constipation. I didn't know that either when I started my 7 1/2 ..."