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Games for 60Th Birthday Party

... paper (size of copy paper) and using my printer made giant playing cards ... If you so not use a dark color on the other side you can see through the ...

Looking for Place to Get Shirts Made.

If you can email the information how many and what color I can give you a quote, ... Making My Own "BIG BROTHER" shirts...need Embroiderer or Logo Printer ...

Kittens Soon! Animal Lovers Please Help ... color printer · cats kittens · cat litter · printer accessories · dog cat · cat my ...

Scrapbooking Professional Photos

What i did was scanned it and printed out a copy on my printer. That way the original stayed untouched and i used the one i ... coffee table · color printer ...

Beginning to Homeschool

*get a good printer, fax, scanner...that prints cheaply. My hubby researched ours and ... The color lasts me longer because I don't need to use them much. ...

Inexpensive Portraits

The only thing I didn't like was the sneaky "oh and the printer also made .... although maybe Kiddie Kandids was more true in color (they have editing and ...

Big Brother Present

Aunt Sis took pictures, captioned them, and printed them out on her color printer. She also made a Big Sister t-shirt, again by printing out a picture of ...

School Supplies

I finally broke down and got an all in one printer so I could print items needed in class from ..... printer review · texas tornados · review color printer ...

Anyone Have Ideas on How to Make a Nice Family Cookbook Economically?

Of course printing/copying is extra and will depend on how many pages and if you have color. If you have a good printer, I would encourage you to just buy ...

Arts and Crafts

Paint is great, stamps and those Dora and Diego water-color books (they are ... FREE) All they take is a printer, ...
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