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High Blood Pressure After Delivery

Most of them are reasonably priced, too Just make sure you have your annual physicals so that if and when it develops, it can be caught and controlled ...

Flexible Spending Account

If not can you put in into a savings account, trust fund, college fund, ... If you can't prepay your orthodontist maybe you could get physicals for you and ...

Looking for a Good OBGYN

I have had my physicals with her for a few years. I love her bed side manner and how she treats people. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

International Adoption

There are a few classes you have to take and if you are already into the adoption mode then you have already had home visits, physicals and that kind of ...

Growing Pains or What?

Activities · College · Hobbies · Playing with Others · School .... of his family history so he's always looking for changes when he goes in for physicals ...

Night-time Potty Training

Oct 14, 2009 ... Activities · College · Hobbies · Playing with Others · School ..... about 2 weeks different At the annual physicals I ask the ped about this ...

Afraid to Give My Son Meds for ADHD

My oldest got diagnosed in the 4th grade; he is now 21 and in college. .... she has had all her yearly physicals and they have been very good. ...

How to Tell Children That Parent Has Cancer

For all women on this site please make sure your husbands get a physical and if ... will have him their lives for soccer, football and college graduations. ...

My 6 Year Old Is Disrespectful and Rude to everyone-Especially His Family

Try to get your husband involved, not in physical disipline, but verbal communication. Boys need to communicate with another man and it has worked wonders ...

Pregnant with Awful Sinus Infection,,,any Suggestions??

First, do you have a regular physician you see when you are sick or for physicals that could help you out? I'm only asking because a professional is way ...
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