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In Need of a Good Congestion Medicine for 5 Mo. Old

Honestly, do not give your 5 month old any over the counter cold medicine without consulting your pediatrician. A lot of research suggests that it's not ...

9 Month Old with a Cold

There were several warnings months ago about giving children under 2 over the counter cold medicines. They make Little Noses for infants and toddlers. ...

What Is Going On?

I didnt think you were suppose to take any cold medicine while pregnant, it could have been something to do with the pregnancy and the cold medicine. ...

5 Month Old Has a Cold

I think, it's been along time like 5yrs.ago but they have medicine called little noses or something similiar. I know my daughter had a bad cold at about ...

Nursing Mother with a Cold...

Read all 15 responses: "I'm nursing my son and we both have a cold. What over the counter meds are ok for me to take? ... Cold Medicine with Breastfeeding ...

15 Month Old Has a Sore Throat, How to Soothe It?

Read all 20 responses: "I know i can't give him any cold medicine because he's not 2 years old yet. he has a humidifier in his room but still has a hard ...

What Can I Give My One Year Old for His Cold?

Sep 16, 2009 ... Do not give cold medicine, it is too dangerous. Helpful? .... He is too young for cold medicines, please don't give them to him they could ...

Childrens Cough Medicine

I know with my daughter I never give her cold medicine unless she's going to be spreading her cold like sneezing, runny nose and is around other's. ...

Baby Has a Cold

P., all those cold medicine have been ruled out as unsafe for children under a certain age. Mine are 4 years old and I don't use them for them. ...

Home Remedy for Cold

Read all 24 responses: "My youngest daughter has come down with a cold. I don't really want to give her cold medicine, but I would like to help her feel ...
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  • put vicks vapor rub in 2 answers "Oh and to aide further put Vick's vapor rub onto your daughter's feet and/or her chest."
  • use saline nasal drops in 2 answers "You can also use saline nasal drops and bulb suction to help clear up his nose."
  • saline nasal spray in 2 answers "her doctor told me that i could used saline nasal spray or little noses."
  • use a cool mist in 2 answers "I would use a cool mist vaporizor and elevate his head by folding a blanket and put ..."
  • elevate his head in 2 answers "I would use a cool mist vaporizor and elevate his head by folding a blanket and put ..."