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How to Make This Cold Go Away Permanently

Sounds like allergies to me not a cold My daughter has them and some days ... to as well Dont feel guilty just be aware Wash your hands with soap and water ...

Do You Bathe a 1 Year Old with a Cold?

They make baby Vicks rub for their chests & the infant nasal drops help ... The best thing you can do during cold season is wash those hands,and avoid ...

Help and Support Weaning Cold Turkey

Read all 38 responses: "So, I now need to wean my son cold turkey. ... Boy do you have your hands full. I have been in your place and it is so hard, ...

3 Month Old with Puffy Eye

Aug 30, 2009 ... By Car · Infant Travel Advice · Pregnancy and Travel .... avoiding light not wanting to eat cold handsfeet dislike of handling arching back ...

Infant Car Seat vs Convertible Car Seat

Oct 22, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "I had an infant car seat given to us when my DS was born. ... around without it, waking him up, dealing with the cold weather. .... if I wasn't having to use both hands to hang onto the newborn. ...

Always Cold During Pregnancy

Most women have one spot on their bodies (feet, hands, head, chest, etc.) that is more sensitive to heat and cold and I usually recommend focusing on ...

Summer Infant Advice Needed

If you have the air conditioning on, it can be a little cold to the baby, ... had the pockets that folded over the hands so he didn't scratch himself- there ...

Camping with Infant

Camping with Infant. We are going to attempt camping with our soon to be 5 month old. .... to put the baby down that isn't in the dirt when you need your hands free. ... It got very cold (40's). I ended up having him sleep in the car. ...

14 Month Old with Blue Hands and Feet

I was always cold and I put my hands between my legs to keep them warm. .... When she is cold or stressed her hands and feet lose blood circulation and turn ...

Back of Hands, Especially the Knuckles, Have Red Rash and Bleed After Basketball

Worse in cold weather. Dry cracky sometimes itchy sometimes painful hands. Improves with more moisturizing but sometimes requires prescription steroid cream ...
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  • hands and feet turn blue in 2 answers "I have RAYNAUDS, it is a circulatory disease. My hands and feet turn blue at times."
  • dry skin from the weather in 2 answers "His doc said that it was very dry skin from the weather."
  • drink ginger tea in 2 answers "cold spells". I drink ginger tea - it really heats me up fast and is just stemed ..."
  • fair weather partner in 2 answers "... to clock your husband - when you need him most he's being a fair weather partner."
  • wash away the germs in 2 answers "Absolutely keep bathing her - it helps soothe them and wash away the germs."