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4 Weeks of Diarrhea

A good way to deal with any lost electrolytes would be coconut juice (not milk). Pedialyte is filled with artificial sweeteners and just not good for anyone ...

Eczema Help

... the babies: virgin coconut oil (unrefined)to use as a "moisturizer"; ... When my son was a little over 1 I was introduced to a juice called Mona Vie and ...

Nut Allergy: Chestnuts, Pine Nuts and Coconuts

Are chestnuts, water chestnuts and pine nuts and coconuts considered nuts? ... So it looks like water chestnuts are fine, I'd avoid coconut to be safe. ...

Feeding My 13 Month Old

I add butter, brown sugar, milk and coconut flakes from Vitamin cottage (not sweetened like at King Soopers) .... feeding baby food · coconut juice ...

Holiday Party.. What to Bring?

Bake at 325 until coconut is lightly browned and the milk at the edges is ... Put the toothpicks in a Pyrex dish, pour some of the juice in the dish to ...

4 Year Old Constantly Having Yeast Infections.

The coconut oil is great for yeast infections, etc. You can look at the kind .... open the capsule and put it in juice yogurt, or applesauce....good luck ...

Increasing Milk Production- Fenugreek And/or Blessed Thistle

Jun 29, 2009 ... dried cranberry, ginger, coconut. (Yes, I do love coconut). Good luck! .... The more water or juice you drink the more milk you will have. ...

How Do I Get My 1 Year Old to Drink Milk???

Blend 1 cup of raw almonds with 2 cups coconut juice, a little bit of cinnamon and maybe a splash of agave nectar, then strain with a fine mesh strainer or ...

Homemade Granola Recipe

Sep 5, 2009 ... 1 c coconut 12c honey 34c brown sugar 1c chopped nuts 1c raisens 1c corn oil 12 tsp salt 1c water. Mix all ingredients except oil water nuts ...

Homemade Yogurt

I made yogurt with canned whole (not fat free) coconut/juice milk (THAI brand). It worked perfectly! It's delicious and naturally sweet. ...
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