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Questions for Bird Owners- Cockatiels Specifically but Any Really

C.S. asks from Houston

Okay Mamma's we recently got a cockatiel- we never thought we were bird people but we do love animals and after spending time at a friends house with birds we found w...


Have to Bury Our Bird Today

A.G. asks from Chicago

Good morning Mommies, After being up most of the night feeding my cockatiel water with electrolytes, her tiny body finally gave up this morning. I took her out of th...


Do Any of You Own a Bird?

P.H. asks from Dallas

I am thinking about possibly getting a bird or two and wanted your advice. What type of bird or birds do you have and what has your experience been?. Thank you for ...


Any Bird Owners?

N._. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am thinking about adopting a bird (or 2) but I'm not sure what kind I want to get. If you have ever owned a Parakeet, lovebird (pair) or cockatail and you t...


Egg-Laying Budgie

M.B. asks from Washington DC

My mom has a budgie that just won't stop laying eggs (about one every two days), and since she started (about two months ago) her whole attitude (the bird's attitude,...


Hamster or Other for Daughter

S.H. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to figure out what kind of small animal would be good for my 4.5-year-old daughter. We had a kitty, but had to get rid of her recently due to the masses o...


Bird Troubles

C.W. asks from Tampa

We got my daughter a love bird. Our dogs want to eat it. Any suggestions on what we can do about the training the dogs not to try to eat it. Yelling doesn't help. She...


Bird Lovers

P.W. asks from San Francisco

Okay, this might be kind of stupid, but can a lovebird and a parakeet mate and produce offspring? They're sitting on a couple of eggs right now....


9 Month Old Daughter and Birds

D.P. asks from Gainesville

so this started about 2 months ago when i moved my daughter out of our room and into hers,i have 2 birds and they are in my room and have been since i got them i didn...


Birds and Asthma

A.D. asks from San Antonio

My daughter is really wanting a parakeet or pair of parakeets...she has been asking for quite some time. I have also been very interested in having some. That being...

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  • let them see the bird in 2 answers "I would let them see the bird one last time and have some kind of mini ceremony for ..."
  • god took the bird in 3 answers "I don't think telling them that God took the bird up to heaven is a good idea."
  • keep the cage clean in 2 answers "He also does not set off my allergies/asthma, as long as we keep the cage clean."
  • make sure you dig in 2 answers "... and my son wrote the bird's name on the stone with a cross. Make sure you dig ..."
  • avian vet in 2 answers "... months, it likely has a behavioral basis-- you mom should consult an avian vet ..."