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Maternity Clothes

J.A. asks from Indianapolis

My sister-in-law just found out she is pregnant with number 3. Her other children are 12 and 9. So, she does not have any baby stuff or clothes to ware her self whi...


Pregnancy Clothes

S.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I am expecting and I do not want to invest much into maternity clothes seeing how this is my last child. Can you please email me any suggestion on reason...


Kids Clothes

B. asks from Augusta

So today I am going to have my daughter go through her clothes when she gets home from school. How much of each type of clothing does a 9 yr old girl need.She does ...


Ross Clothes???

S.K. asks from Denver

who has shopped at ross? I am looking for cute girl clothes and all the stores I've been to I just dont see anything I like for my daughter. She isnt a tom boy, but...


Protecting My Clothes

L.N. asks from Enid

We have three kids and plan to have one more so I have baby/toddler clothes coming out of my ears! I don't want to get rid of anything until we know we are done so I ...


School Clothes

S.S. asks from Cleveland

My girls are headed to kindergarten this fall, so this is our first round of buying school clothes. What exactly do you buy and what quantities. Here in Ohio it wil...


Slim Clothes

K.I. asks from Oklahoma City

Hi, does any one knows where can I find skinny clothes for girls?? My nieces are 4 and 3 and are petite and skinny, we can't find clothes that fit the right way if we...


Crayon off Clothes

I.L. asks from Laredo

Ladies, My son tends to put things in his pocket and mostly I do look through them before I wash. Well this time I guess it sneaked by me. He had a green crayon an...


I Can't Find Clothes!

B.B. asks from Dallas

I need some help, mamas! I have such a hard time finding clothes, that fit. Currently, I have to shop in juniors sizes, but I find them so juvenile and don't actually...


Oh, the Clothes!!

M.B. asks from Dayton

This is half vent and half question. I have 4 boys under 7 and the clothes are killing me!! It's not the toys or the constant state of hungry; it's the clothes! Di...

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  • liz lange collection in 2 answers "Target has the Liz Lange collection, I've gotten some nice stuff there"
  • adjustable waists in 3 answers "... slim sizes too often any more is because most brands now have adjustable waists."
  • im surprised you didnt find in 2 answers "Target? I'm surprised you didn't find anything at the stores you mentioned."
  • adjustable waist in 4 answers "I know that I don't like the adjustable waist pants because they tend to be so big ..."
  • few pairs of pants in 2 answers "Usually just a few pairs of pants and we usually wait till Christmas to buy our kids ..."