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Newborn Clothes

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

Do I need to wash new clothes for my newborn, before she wears them? Can I also use a dryer sheet?


Maternity Clothes

R.F. asks from Detroit

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I'm trying to find a baby shower dress and other spring clothes. It seems like I can't find decent prices on maternity clothes. I've been ...


Buying Clothes

K.T. asks from Kansas City

My son is finally growing out of his newborn clothes. He was 2 mnths preemie and it took us 5 months to get to this place. Most 0-3months fit, but some are still too ...


Mascara Out of Clothes

S.S. asks from Provo

How do you get mascara out of clothes? It is just one little spot, but the shirt doesn't belong to me! Thanks!


Maternity Clothes

A.E. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone know of a good consignment type shop to buy maternity clothes in the Snellville/Lilburn area?


Maternity Clothes

J.C. asks from Norfolk

Hello i am an expecting mother and i am in need of maternity clothes bad. I have searched craig's list but all i see is small sizes. I am looking to purchase used but...


Outgrown Clothes

C.C. asks from Providence

Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have a 4 year old son and a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have spent a fortune on there clothes. Most of my daug...



M.L. asks from Houston

I am amazing at doing laundry, but horrible at putting it away. So we have piles and piles of clean clothes, everywhere. But not only that, I'm in a 'collecting' stat...


Maternity Clothes

J. asks from Chicago

I just took a test today and found out that I am preggers with my third little one! The only problem is that I lent my clothes to someone who I just found out moved ...


Finding Clothes

R.G. asks from Houston

This might sound strange to some people, but I find myself stressing over clothes. I am currently 2 months pregnant and I feel like I can't find any clothes. My jeans...

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