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Child's Skin Irritation

This created a barrier between her skin and the wetness and worked well. ... We also use a free & clear detergent & vinegar instead of fabric softener. ...

Irritations in the Skin Folds of a Chubby Baby!

It did help clear them up, not red anymore. Aquapher by eucerin in a good moisteriser for the sensative skin. Good Luck. Fat little babies are the best! ...

Acne Help

I now have an idea of where to start and how to get my clear skin back. Its great to know .... I like that both help clear the skin without drying it out. ...

Skin Care Products That Are Safe to Use While Pregnant

We also have a cronic acne line such as Pro-Active called All-Clear.....are skincare goes by the age of your skin, it is wonderful and I know you would love ...

"Skin Tag on 11 Yr Old"

My husband and I remove skin tags all the time, tie a piece of clear thread or dental floss around its base. The idea is to starve the tag of blood. ...

Looking for Sunscreen for Child with Sensitive Skin

All their products are designed for people with sensitive skin. .... Burts Bees is pretty good, or we're using coppertone clear spray on. ...

Has Anyone Dealt with Acne During Pregnancy?

I usually always have clear skin, so it is the hormones causing your breakouts. My OB told me I could use benzoyl peroxide to treat it, and it is safe. ...

Skin Problem

It wasn't until they eliminated those chemicals and included melaleuca (tea tree ) oil in the products they were using that their skin became clear. ...

Ugly Skin

The products are formulated to target three layers of skin, and work to maintain clear skin, repair damaged skin, and prevent damage to inner layers. ...

Infants Skin Is Dry

My gf told my to try Cetaphil on my boy's dry skin. All three of my son's skin were so dry and nothing I would use or try would clear it up. ...
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