cleaning hairspray off bathroom floor

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Hairspray on Bathroom Floor

S.W. asks from St. Louis

I have a problem with the hair spray on my bathroom floor. I can't get it off!! It seems like no matter what I use or how well I rinse the floor it's sticky after i...


What Can I Use to Remove Hairspray Buildup from the Linoleum in Our Bathroom?

A.M. asks from Dallas

anyone have any ideas besides pinesol and baking soda/vinegar?


Cleaning My home.....GF Laughed

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Okay ladies.... MY GF is here today and I'm doing my cleaning and we're yapping....she starts giggling at me when I was cleaning our bathrooms.... On the first ...


Cleaning Linoleum Floors

P.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have very light-colored linoleum floor in my kitchen that I eventually want to replace with tile, but in the meantime wonder if anyone has advice on how to get the ...


Linoleum Help

K.H. asks from Kansas City

Does anyone have any tricks to cleaning linoleum? I've tried just about every floor cleaner out there but after mopping the floor it is still dirty!! I even rinse t...


My Four Year Old

A.L. asks from Dayton

This is kind of embarrassing to have to admit but I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! He is four years old, four and still gets into everything. He squirts the toothpaste out ...


Recommendation for a Mop/vacuum/cleaner for LOTS of Tile

C.B. asks from Madison

We just moved into a new house with LOTS of tile, the entry way, dining room, mud room, bathroom, kitchen...basically the entire main floor is tile. It's wonderful to...


Help! Horrible Dirty Walls!!! :-)

C.A. asks from Chicago

My 2 year old is a little picasso. He is obsessed with coloring. so much so that he colors all over the walls, furniture, books, etc.. I have such a dilemma with clea...


Stained Linoleum Question

L.O. asks from Provo

I purchased some kitchen rugs with a black border from Bed Bath and Beyond to match my kitchen. Well when they got wet (doing dishes, etc) the black border stained my...


How Do You Get Ball Point Pen off of Linoleum?

M.V. asks from Honolulu

Two of my lovely artists drew on the floor. The first time was with a stray permanent marker my eight year old forgot to put away. Luckily those fabulous Mr. Clean ...

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