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How Do You Clean Your Hard Wood Floors?

I'm not exactly sure how to clean them without ruining the wood. ... Unfortunately it's heavy and takes up room to store and the dirty water is gross to ...

How to Clean Shoes That Make Feet Stink!

Before, you could have smelled this kid from across the room! ... I don't have a solution on how to clean the shoes, but I do Know of a shoe brand that will ...

How to Clean a Humidifier

... but I really like using a humidifier in his room every. ... like using a humidifier in his room every night anyway. How on earth do I clean this thing? ...

How to Clean Crayon on Carpeting

LOL... same thing happened to our game room a couple days ago because of my 3 yo ... And when the guys came to clean it they said the only thing that gets ...

Chore Charts and Rules

I started with the basics like dirty clothes put in hamper, clean clothes put away, room picked up, set the table/ clean off table, ...

Micro Fiber

I have micro fiber furniture in my living room, we did have it pre-treated with stain master, but all I do is spot clean with warm soapy water, ...

Hubby Is Constantly Urging Me to Go Through Kids Toys and Sell/donate Them!

I have a 4 year old and last summer his room got pretty out of hand. He went through a phase where he didn't want to clean up when he was finished with ...

3 Year Old Will Not Help Clean

Oct 6, 2009 ... Then I go into her room and take her by the hand and lead her back to the mess and explain that she needs to clean it up or she will be ...

Cleaning a Pack in Play

It Has been used. The cloth is dirty & netting. How do you clean it?" ... even one week after using it the room - not even directly on the toys and items. ...

Dog Vomit, Diarrhea on Carpet --- How to Clean Up?

... vomited and pooped in a few different areas on our living room carpet (which . ... But what is the best way to clean up dog vomit and diarrhea on a light ...
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  • murphys original formula in 2 answers "I use the Murphy's original formula or something similar alternating with Pledge Vinegar ..."
  • rinse with hot water in 2 answers "... others say, I'd add if you want wipe down with alcohol then rinse with hot water."
  • little dish soap in 2 answers "We also just use water, maybe a little dish soap."
  • works like a charm in 2 answers "... with the purchase -but it's made for just that purpose and works like a charm."
  • clean up song in 2 answers "... teaching him when he was very young to clean up (we even sang the clean up song ..."