clean grout without scrubbing

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Better Way to Clean My Tub

Aug 28, 2009 ... good luck! and remember, don't use anything with ammonia (like scrubbing bubbles ) when you're using anything with bleach. ...

Saltillo Tile Floors

A vinegar & water solution is a healthy way to clean with out build-up. ..... work after you stop scrubbing and when i have used this on my tile and grout, ...

How to get a porcelain tub clean without scratching it?

Not sure if Scrubbing Bubbles can be used on a porcelain tub or not, ... and you can gently scrub the tub without breaking your back. .... grout cleaner and bleach to get white for 7 years.....came clean with just baking soda and water. ...

What's Your Favorite Cleaning Products?

Read all 20 responses: "i switched all my cleaning products to "enviromentally safe" ones ... Whole Family · With Girlfriends · Without Kids ... I don't have tile, so I don't have to worry about moldy tile grout. .... after a while our shower floor was turning grey EVEN with scrubbing it regularly with Soft Scrub. ...

HELP! Spilled Nail Polish on Ceramic Tile Floor!!!

Bleach won't do much - you really need a solvent to lift the polish out of the grout. Grout is porous, so it probably seeped inside of joint. Scrubbing the ...

Help Cleaning the Base of My Shower Stall

Perhaps with a good stiff scrubbing brush you could try it on your shower ... We don't have grout but i had the same issue with mildew down our shower drain. ... You can get it at Walmart and it cleans everything (without scratching). ...

Bathroom Cleaners

Sep 1, 2009 ... cleaning tubs ovens sinks and tiles • It will even remove rust and is great for cleaning these surfaces copper grout cement and ceramic ...

How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

I can't do without for that long :) The first few weeks were hard and I ... out to the street for pick-up day), cleaning toilets, scrubbing tile grout, ...

Shark Steamer

This thing works so well, it's even gotten my grout clean on my stone floor. ... it does all of the work for you--no scrubbing, pushing, wringing, etc. ...

Seeking Advice About How to Clean Smell from Kids' Bathroom

Try scrubbing the floor around the toilet with the bakeing soda/vinegar combo. It's natural, safe, and cheap! .... Inexpensive Way to Clean Floor Tile Grout ...
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