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Autism, ADD, ADHD

C.H. asks from Lincoln

I have been trying for over 1 year to have my son tested for Autism, ADD & Autism. They run on both sides of the family. I've almost literally been thru all the doc...


Seeking Information Regarding ADD

D.E. asks from New York

I am a mother of two (2), 1 boy(5yrs old) and 1 girl (3 yrs old). My son started Pre-k in February. All of his other classmates started in September, so when he went ...


ADD Or "Normal" Boy Behavior???

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have recently become suspicious that my 3 yr old son might be ADD. He is exactly 3 1/2. These thoughts were sparked by him starting tot soccer and seeing that he h...


Adult ADD and Aderall. Any Other Mommys and Daddys on This?

R.A. asks from Wausau

I was diagonsed with ADHD at the age of 4 and was on meds through my teen years. Then when I was 22 and went back to school I was on Ritalin LA until I became prego w...


The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

S.C. asks from Daytona Beach

Hi my son just turned siz at the end of August and started first grade at the same time. He struggled thru kindergarten and then we found out he needed his tonsils, ...


My 10 Yr Daughter Just Got Diagnosed with ADD....I'm Crushed!!!!

C.B. asks from Albuquerque

Her Dr wants to put her on Ritalin but I don't really feel comfortable putting her on meds at such a young age. She just has problems focusing at school...shes not ...


Possibly Failing Kindergarden

T.B. asks from Tampa

I have been advised that my son may possibly fail kindergarden. Lacks listening skills can not count till 20,I have tried everything,he becomes so frustrated. Very ...



S.J. asks from Hartford

Hi I am fighting with my 3 year old son's school about getting him more hours. He has a medical diagnosis of autism, but the school has classified him as development...


Baby Bowel Movements

J.T. asks from Fayetteville

So we had to start my 3 1/2 month old on Enfamil Lipil AR because of spitting up issues and reflux. It has added rice cereal to it to reduce spit up. He seems to be d...


I Want Chickens!

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

But my city has an ordinance against them :( They are classified as farm animals, and even though we have a 1/2 an acre, apparently we can't have them. I am think...

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