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Looking for a Non-harmful Way

This is so gross but we live right behind apartment buildings and are having .... worse if the city isnt doing anything and the people who own the apartment ...

Discipline of 19 Year Old

M.H. answers from Rapid City on March 29, 2009. This is just what I would do ( have done). ..... apartments new york city · fitness 19 ...

Moving to St. Louis - Need to Find a Good Neighborhood

Barnes is located in the central west end. that is a really nice part of the city and i have lived there in an apartment. its funny, though, the city has ...

Pen Marks on Wood Table

L.J. answers from Kansas City on January 3, 2008 .... I have found that our apartment has flat paint and it will rub off if I press too hard. ...

Money and Budget Help Needed!

We are stuck in a high-rent apartment until next May, when we want to buy a house. ... S.O. answers from Salt Lake City on September 21, 2008 ...

Help Mom's in the Orlando Area!!!

new york city property · rentals new york city · broadcasting school · taxes new york · apartment charlotte · florida new homes ...

Strong Willed Child

Aug 31, 2009 ... S.R. answers from Kansas City on August 29 2009 ..... and it's time to haul everything up to our second floor apartment while trying to get ...

Friend Lives in a "Garbage House"

... call maintenance because her apartment is in such a state She has been reprimanded before by both the apartment management and the city fire inspectors ...

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet?

T.L. answers from Oklahoma City on January 20, 2007 ..... This worked for me when I was in an apartment and got wax on the carpet. Helpful? ...

Embarrassing Question About "Pests"

D.H. answers from Kansas City on January 17 2009. Why dont you get your own exterminator to spray your apartment If that is not affordable then definately ...
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  • put a paper towel over the wax in 2 answers "Put a paper towel over the wax and run a hot iron over it."
  • take a brown paper bag in 2 answers "I have done this very thing. Take a brown paper bag and put it on top of the wax."
  • paper towels and an iron in 2 answers "... way that I have gotten wax out of my carpet is by using paper towels and an iron."
  • iron on the paper towel in 2 answers "... iron, put a paper towel over the wax area, put the warm iron on the paper towel."
  • clean magic eraser in 2 answers "I have used the mr. clean magic eraser on our hardwood floors and it has gotten the ..."