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Private Insurance

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Can anyone suggest a good private insurance? Here is the situation. I am going to be quitting my job next year so we want to switch to my DH insurance plan, only th...


Mega Life & Health Insurance...considering Buying Policy? Any Input?

C.W. asks from Dallas

We are self employed and in desperate need of "catastrophic" health insurance, and we had a meeting last night with a really nice salesman for Mega Life & Health. We...


Heath Insurance

M.O. asks from Dallas

I'm a stay at home mom and really need to look into getting insurance for myself. My SO and I are not married so I can not be on his insurance through work. Both him...


Do You Sale Health Insurance? I Have Questions About Individual/family Policies

B.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking at trying to become a SAHM. That means going from my group health plan to an individual or family health plan. My husband has quite a few health issues...


Insurance Denying Our Medical Coverage

M.L. asks from Houston

We have insurance through Conexis (which is essentially from Cobra from being laid off), who then in turn acts as liaison and pays our insurance provider, Cigna. (Co...


Health Insurance Not Paying Doctor That Helped with My Daughter's Delivery

A.L. asks from Houston

Hello moms, Last August I gave birth to my baby girl. She came a little early than planned, she arrived at 3:30AM. My OBGYN is covered by my insurance and we've had ...


Looking for Dental Insurance

M.S. asks from Dallas

My husband is a contractor and I am a SAHM. We recently found health insurance coverage that we are happy with but the agent we were using didn't recommend their den...


Need Family Insurance

S.L. asks from Phoenix

I am a first time mom of 2 month old triplets. I love my new role in life, and it is not possible for me to go back to work. I am worried, however, because my famil...


Individual Insurance Coverage

S.T. asks from Tampa

I have been so lazy and haven’t gotten off my cobra coverage since I left my job. My husbands firm covers him but coverage for my daughter and I would be $700/mo, o...


Kaiser Insurance Opinions

K.J. asks from Portland

We currently have Regence Blue Cross insurance and are looking to switch to Kaiser to save money. I am a little nervous about switching because of what I used to hea...

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  • blue cross blue shield in 5 answers "I use Blue Cross Blue Shield self-employed insurance."
  • blue cross blue shield in 3 answers "I have coverage for me and my children with Blue Cross/Blue Shield."
  • baylor dental college in 2 answers "I've heard good things about Baylor Dental College, too."
  • through golden rule in 2 answers "... was not available or excessive we purchased insurance through Golden Rule ..."
  • high deductible plan in 2 answers "Otherwise, a high deductible plan may be something to consider if you have the means ..."