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Christmas Tree and Toddler

S.V. asks from New York

Hi moms. With the upcoming holiday season I am looking for advice on how to keep my 18 month old son away from our Christmas tree. He was only 6 months old last Chris...


Artificial Christmas Tree

T.L. asks from Dallas

We are in the market for a new Christmas tree. I was thinking that the day after Christmas would be the best Clearance prices. Does anyone recommend a good place to...


Babyproof Christmas Tree

S.O. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Moms- I have an 18 month old curious boy. I plan to put up my Christmas Tree this weekend but am hesitate to do the same old tree. We have an artifical one with li...


Live Christmas Tree

K.S. asks from Chicago

For the first time we are going to get a live Christmas Tree for the holiday season. We have never bought one and I am looking for recommendations on places to go. I ...


When Did You Take down Your Christmas Tree? or Is It Still Up? :)

P.S. asks from Houston

All my decorations came down as soon as we got home and Christmas was over for our family on 12/27. Our tree was ceremoniallly placed in our burn pile outside, of wh...


Cats and the Christmas Tree

M.K. asks from Columbus

How do I keep the cats OUT of the Christmas Tree? I have two in-door cats and they are constantly at the tree (it's fake) - either climbing it, batting the ornaments...


Themed Christmas Tree???

J.T. asks from Victoria

How many of you change the theme of your Christmas tree. It just dawned on me that people actually get an entire new set of ornaments every year and totally do differ...


Anyone Allergic to Their Christmas Tree?

H.G. asks from New York

We bought a real Christmas tree this year as we usually do. We don't always buy the exact same type of tree or get it from the same place. This year we got a fairly...


Real Christmas Tree's

E.M. asks from St. Joseph

I have been to get a real tree for Christmas one year and i'm thinking this would be the year to do it simply because we "need" a new fake one and get afford to get o...


Protecting the Christmas Tree

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Husband and I are disagreeing. I suggested putting the Christmas tree up the day after thanksgiving, just like every year. He says no way, the one year old will be ...

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