Christmas Party

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Desperately Need Help with a Creative Christmas Gift! :)

Good luck, I have always enjoyed the w/e games at our Family Christmas parties! We even have a "youth" w/e now since our family has grown so much! ...

Birthday Parties 2 Weeks Apart

My birthday is close to Christmas so it was always hard to get together for a party with all the Christmas parties going on. I hated Christmas for a while ...

Homemade Christmas Gifts

We did a VERY simple Christmas Ornament when my oldest son was 3, my youngest was about the same age as yours. .... Christmas Party Crafts ...

2Nd Birthday Party

But the guy that services West Houston was in ICU just before Christmas and will not be released to activities in time for my party. ...

What's That Party Game Called?

(We do this at Christmas) You get everyone together in a circle or around a table and pile the gifts .... Next question: Christmas Party Game Ideas. ...

Family Holiday Party

My family has a holiday party for our entire family every year and it is my turn to plan..." ... Christmas Party Game Ideas. ...

Buying Christmas Gifts for 6 Nieces and nephews...on a Real Tight Budget!

My husband's family has 13 kids (including our two ) at the family Christmas party. As the numbers started increasing we decided to draw names for the kids. ...

Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Girl

It went over so well that my 17 yr daughter and her friends decided to have a formal christmas party and agreed to even turn off their cell phones for over ...

Superbowl Party Door Prizes

Although I'm not a big football fan, we usually go to a party - it's nice to have "non" football prizes too ... Any Ideas for a Christmas Party at Work ...
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