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Do You Think That Finance Issues Cause Divorce

2) Because we know there are financial issues, we will seek financial counseling which will include budgeting and possibly debt consolidation 3) Pray for ...

Struggling to Survive in San Diego!

... I t=can only do what i can do, and i have stressed to the point of crying, for me as a Christian, .... Debt Consolidation Anyone Done This Before ? ...

Financial Issues

Credit Card Debt Consolidation · 22 · Seeking "Sound" Advice on How to Recoup from Major Credit Mistakes ... christian financial · financial investment ...

What Do You Say When It Is Time?

I am a christian and a firm believer that marriage is a life-long committment. But I also believe that God ... Debt Consolidation Anyone Done This Before ? ...

In a Bad Situation

We are now in our own home and have no debt but our home and one pre-owned car. .... Try the Christian financial guy, Dave Ramsey. He has several books out ...

Just Some Much-needed Advice

It is written from the perspective of a Christian, but even if you are not--you will get a GREAT deal of advice and ...... Credit Card Debt Consolidation ...

Sick of Fighting a Losing Battle with Husband! Need Marriage Counseling Names!

Crown Financial Ministries is a Christian ministry that helps people with .... America website they recommend a site to contact about debt consolidation. ...

Am I Responsible for My Soon to Be X-husband Not Paying the Mortgage?

... equity, consolidation) make sure you account for everyone of them. ... Try, he is a great Christian financial adviser. ... I don't know if they would refinance in his name with the debt outstanding, but, ...

Debt Consolidation Anyone Done This Before ?

J.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello Moms, I have been researching online about debt consolidation and am still confused. I have a lot of chargeoff's / credit card debt that i want to take care o...


Debt Consolidation Is It Worth It/does It Work???

O.G. asks from Sacramento

I am currently in a lot of debt and looking at the possibility of using a debt consolidation company. Does any one have experience with them and can you tell me what ...

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