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Keeping up the House

If that doesnt work assign chores to every family member and discuss consequences for chores .... try a chore chart Like supernanny does Here is what we do ...

Reward System?

So I created a small job chart for each boy for daily chores, ... One thing on chores I have heard works is this: if you have to do one of their chores say ...


I don't feel we should "pay" our children to do chores around the house. I get tired of trying to bribe my children to be a responsible part of the family ...

13 Year Old That Needs to Find a Job and Make Some Money

Aug 26, 2009 ... I was at the grocery store and saw a sign that saidRent a Son A teen boy was advertising his services for regular household chores mowing ...

My Sons 7 Year Birth Date on Wednesday. Need Ideas!

Oct 6, 2009 ... Make his favorite breakfast lunch and dinner Do all his chores for himmaking bed setting tablewhatever he usually does Give him a few extras ...

How to Manage Time at Home

Sep 1, 2009 ... You could try doing the chores with your husband That way you can talk about you day be together and get things done alot faster Hope you ...


I have a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl and neither one of them will do their chores It's not like Ive given them the task of cleaning the Taj Mahal ...

Teaching Children About Money.

We did not connect the allowance to chores--they do chores because they are part of .... There is debate over whether allowance should be for chores or not. ...

Possible Thief

extra chores in 2 answersI agree with the lady who said to give the kids extra chores I know I would be ticked. J.F. answers from Phoenix on July 31 2008 ...

Seeking Quality Childcare in Lilburn/Decatur Areas

An au pair is a live-in nanny from abroad that lives with your family for a year providing up to 45 hours of childcare per week (and help with other chores) ...
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  • clean up their own messes in 2 answers "I have 5 children, all of whom are expected to clean up their own messes and keep ..."
  • dry erase marker in 2 answers "We write on it with a dry-erase marker and I add up what they have earned every week ..."
  • could mow lawns in 2 answers "... dear-heart!! Your son really does have a awesome mama! Ok He could mow lawns ..."
  • long term savings in 2 answers "... know what little boys like these days :P). The last 1/3 is for long term savings."
  • rake leaves in 4 answers "He can always cut grass and coming up this fall rake leaves."