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UPDATED To Include Recipe! Happy Food

✤.J. asks from Dover

I had a 3-day weekend (like tons of others), and got a spectacular hair cut while going blonde for the first time in my life, AND managed to sell my beast of a Jeep s...


Need Awesome Recipe Idea for Family Meal

J.C. asks from Lubbock

This will be my second Christmas with my new in-laws and their very large family. My sister-in-law (married into the family as I have) will be making her "famous" Gr...


Need Recipe for Milk Free Sugar Cookies

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm wanting to make this holiday special for my soon to be 1 year old soon. I always had fun decorating sugar cookies as a child, and I would like to pass on thi...


Looking for QUICK & EASY Vegan Dessert Recipe!

T.C. asks from Detroit

Hello Mama's - I have a son who will have his THIRD birthday on Sunday (YAY!)- He's in "pre-school" and I am supposed to provide a "snack"/treat for him to take on ...


Seeking Recipe for "Healthier" Birthday Cake

R.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter's first birthday is coming up in June. I would like to make a cake for her that is a little healthier than the traditional birthday cake -- preferably wi...


Why Are My Cookies Not Coming Out Right?!?

A.M. asks from Dallas

Ok,so twice this week I made some chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I followed the directions on the nestle choco chip bag except that i halved the recipe. Both ti...


Exchange Honey for Sugar in Recipes

P.S. asks from Grand Forks

Help! My daughter is trying different sugar ratios for a science fair project using a chocolate chip cookie recipe. She would like to try honey as a sweetner, I have...


Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet ~ Recipe Needed!!

S.H. asks from Spokane

Does anyone have any GREAT ideas for a really special dessert for this banquet? Our Pack has an auction and they have asked us to donate a really special cake/desser...



H.V. asks from Cleveland

Ok the other day I went out to eat with my family. Well they gave us a chocolate chip cookie for my son and WOW it was the best cookie I've ever had! It was warm, cr...


Crunchie Cookies!

A.T. asks from Denver

HI :D I just made my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the first time since moving from Hawaii...and they turned out like little cocoa-oatmeal rocks! I kno...

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