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Speech Therapy for 5 Year Old

My 4 year son has been going to Our Children's House in Frisco for Speech Therapy and they are fabulous! I can not say enough good things about them. ...

Speech Delay

I have received mix information regaring speech delays and the best approach. At this point, she is my only child and I am able to take her where ever and ...

Speech Therapy

Both of my oldest children saw speech therapists and many children do. My oldest had problems making specific sounds, probably due to having constant fluid ...

Help with Speech Delays

They can have you child into speech for help. My daughter went to speech when ... Every school district should provide free speech testing for all children, ...

Can I Correct Her Speech?

Children can be very cruel to someone with a speech impediment, they just tend ... My brother was in speech therapy as a child and is very normal and very ...

Tubes in Ears and No Speech Improvement?

Both my children signed. And it was speech apraxia that kept my daughter from speaking until 25 months, not the signing. My son started signing at 8 months, ...

When Do Children Usually Start Talking?

Noah graduated from having speech completely when he was 27 months old and is talking so much more than Tyler ever was at his age. So each child is ...

My 4 Year Old Delayed Speech

Wayne State University Psychology Clinic does assessments on children ###-###-## ##) and they also share space with the University's Speech and Language ...

Looking for Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy

Keep on ECI for speech. I had the same issue, just like the other services you get from ECI, your child should be evaluated by them for speech asap. ...

Mom of 17 Month Old Seeking Advice on Son Who Doesn't Say Too Many Words

Go to the speech thearapist! I waited until our son was 2. Then had him evaluated by an early intervention service ... book of the month · speech children ...
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