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Working Parents , Stay at Home Parents, Single Parents.

Happy people make better parents because they are good examples and role models to their children Your family is yours and only you know what is best By the ...

Play Groups for Parents ( Not Kinky Stuff!!!!!!)

My own mom did mine as a small child and I had metal allergies and it was just a painful mess. ... children parents · parents children and · parents kids ...

Autism Resources Needed Looking for Other Parents, Etc for Advice

I specialize in the behavioral treatment for children with autism and other special needs and so I work with many children, parents and families. ...

Are We Bad Parents??? Because We Care About Our Kids....

Nope your the best kind of parent a child on drugs could ever have. Even if it seems he doesn't Care one day he will thank you from the bottom of his heart. ...

Mall Play Areas, Parents Who Don't Watch Their Kids

So, next time should I say something to a parent if I see their child doing something that could hurt themselves, or others (I know I should, just not how)? ...

Any Moms with ASD Children

I don't personally have a child with this issue, but there's an AWESOME online community called Cafemom. .... parents children and · children and family ...

Medical Release Form?

The following fields are listed with answers: Child's Name, Date of Birth, Address, Parents' Names, Home Phone, Dad's Cell, Mom's Cell, Dad's Work #, Mom's ...

Child with Dairy/Egg Allergies

I forget the name of it....for parents of children with food allergies. It used to be called POFAK -- Parents of Food Allegic Kids. ...

Teaching a Child a Foreign Language

Frequently, unfortunatelly, parents accept that their children understand the language, but do not force them to speak correctly back at them in that ...

Connecting with Future Step-children

I would proceed very cautiously with a guy who already has three children and observe how he parents these children before making any solid plans. ...
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  • had severe food allergies in 2 answers "We knew at 4 months my middle child had severe food allergies."
  • early intervention services in 2 answers "... son is, but if he is under 3, he is eligible for early intervention services ..."
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