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Seeking Childcare for My Two Small Children - 2 & 8Mos

I want to find a daycare/in-home or child care facility that will love my babies and care for..." ... children activities · children parents ...

Single Mom of One Wants More Children

How about being a foster parent? It could lead to adoption - maybe. There are a lot of children out there that need a home and need to feel loved. ...

Medicating Children for ADHD.

You are the parent, you know your children best - and if someone writes you that medication is wrong and you should go homeopathic has no idea what they're ...

Any Recommendations on a Good Parent's Discipline Book?

In fact it gives so many practical scenarios that teaches you how to be a firm parent with expectations, but giving your child a means to make good choices ...

We Want Our Children to Have a Stronger Bond with Their Grandparents!

But the hazard of this is that your children will grow up without really knowing your parents. And someday, your parents will wake up and realize they ...

Seeking Advice from Other Parents of a Child with Dysgraphia

Read all 16 responses: "My 10 year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with dysgraphia (difficulty writing) and I wonder if anyone else has a child with ...

Help with 5 Year Old Talking Back to Teacher & Parents

In my work as a therapist, I talk to children about "The Magic Three": ..... 5 Yr Old Back Talking and Sassing Parents, but Not Other Adults (Teachers, Etc) ...

Ceremony for Baby That Has Christian and Jewish Parents

WE decided that we did not want to baptise our children so we dedicated them to God. It is just a little ceremony ... christian college · children parents ...

Too Young to Go to Prom?

I know that everyone parents their children differently but do you really think that letting her go to prom is so bad? I guess if it was me i would have to ...

Looking for Programs Within Our Community for Young Children and Their Families

I am interested in learning what programs people who care for and/or parent young children within the Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Carefree, Cave Creek, ...
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