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Books for Kindergartener

S.H. asks from Grand Rapids

My son is not yet reading, but he loves to have chapter books read aloud to him (my husband is currently reading Prince Caspian). I heard the Mercy Watson books are g...


Books About Moms

C.C. asks from New York

I'm interested in fiction, and I would like a list of books in which the mother AS A MOTHER is the primary subject. That is, the point of view is the mother's point of...


BOB Books

R.M. asks from San Antonio

I have a wonderful daughter who will be turning 3 in April. She knows all her letters and numbers. I recently bought her the bob books pre reading skills set, has an...


Children's Books with Daddies as Characters

S.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi ladies! I am looking for some picture books for my son (20 months) that feature daddies as main characters. I have seen some that are about what daddies do (li...


Handing down Books

S.L. asks from Elkhart

Tonight while my 8 yr old was practicing piano, I took the opportunity to reorganize her overflowing book shelves. In doing so, I noticed a good dozen or so books tha...


Books on Tape/CD

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone, My 3 1/2 year old son received "Frog and Toad" books and a CD of the author reading the stories for Christmas. He loves them! We've read the books to...


Seeking Suggestions for Science Books for Young Children

M.C. asks from Orlando

My 2nd grade daughter & 4 year old son love science related books, pictures, etc. When we go to the library, they are usually more interested in the reference books t...


Nutrition Books

L.G. asks from Eugene

I would like to know what kinds of books on nutrition you are reading and using as references as you feed your family. Titles and authors would be great. Recipe book...


Parenting/Discipline Books

J.V. asks from Chicago

Would be interesting in hearing about people's favorite Parenting/Disciple books and why they like them. We are on the cusp of the "terrible twos" and I would lik...


Bedtime Books

M.L. asks from Youngstown

My son is 2 years old and has been sleeping in a big boy bed for about 2 weeks now. We have many books, alot of Dr. Suess. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any ...

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